Puppy Socilisation and Training Walks


So much more than just a dog walk!

Socialisation is a really important part of your puppy’s development, but it can feel really daunting to a new dog owner. It can be very difficult to fit in visiting different dog friendly places, introducing basic training and ensuring it is a positive experience for your puppy. I therefore offer a  tailor made puppy socialisation walks package:

  • Walks bookable singly or in groups of 3 

  • The first session is a getting to know each other session, this is at your home where I can meet you and your pup, I will also go through the different elements of basic training and important aspects of socialisation.

  • Flexibility on when you would like sessions e.g. 3 a week or 3 a month for example, no limit on the number of sessions.

  • Collection and drop off included as well as travel costs (area dependent)

  • No extra charge for treats / toys  etc used in sessions


What is covered:

  • Visiting a range of different environments / experiences in your local area that are important in puppy socialisation and development with the aim that your puppy has novel, positive experiences to help them develop into a well adjusted adult dog. Following the first meet and greet session you’ll receive your puppy’s individual socialisation plan.

  • Meeting and greeting of other dogs / people etc where possible

  • Basic skills and training that are useful for all dogs, this isn’t just the formal training such as sit / wait etc but ensuring your puppy has opportunities to make the right choices on their own and thus grow up to be adult dogs that have the life skills they need to be great family members.

  • Introduction of basic cues such as recall, wait, leave it.  

  • A written summary of the places visited, your puppy’s behaviour and what training was covered per 3 sessions. Plus a verbal ‘hand over’ after each session and tips for what your puppy needs help with / extra work on or strategies that work best for your puppy to ensure you are confident to continue training outside of the sessions.


Who is it for:

  • Fully vaccinated puppies under 5 months old at initial booking then up to a year old.

  • During the adolescence phase (around 6 months plus), socialisation and training are just as important as with younger pups.

  • This works well for busy families, owners who have had an injury that has made getting out and about with their pup very difficult, owners who have 2 puppies who understand the importance of separate socialisation and training but are struggling to fit it in, those who can't attend group classes and first time dog owners that would like more personal ongoing support.


What is not covered:

  • Sessions are not in place of owners also doing socialisation/ training but in addition to. This is important for your relationship with your dog but also to ensure that you are given the support and confidence to be able to do socialisation and training with your pup yourself outside of the sessions.  

  • What is covered in the sessions will depend on what your puppy needs, for example timid and shy puppies may need to visit quieter areas to build their confidence and gradually build from there. More confident puppies may be able to visit different environments but care will be taken to ensure they are not overwhelmed or the environment is too difficult for what they are currently able to cope with. Therefore sessions will not cover an exhaustive list of all environments but will be tailored to what your puppy would benefit most from in the time allowed.

  • Your puppy will receive basic training in areas deemed most useful / required, therefore this isn’t designed as a complete training package but as a starting point for your puppy.


£95 for 3 socialisation and training walks (last 1 hour) with the summary of the training covered.

Pay as you go option £35 per socialisation and training walk. 

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