• Amy Thomson

Training line - the move to online dog training and support, just hang in there.

Due to the current situation we find ourselves in, I am looking at how best to continue to support dog owners with training, especially those who have puppies at this time.

I am looking at both online individual support, puppy classes online and what information is going to be most helpful to owners during the ever changing situation.

My main thoughts are:

- Puppies need socialisation and training opportunities, they also need to be introduced to spending time on their own so this isn't a big deal when people are back at work and school

- Families may have children and dogs/puppies at home all day which may benefit from a few tips with how best to manage this

- People may be working from home with puppies that don't necessarily understand about people sitting at desks and not being able to interact with them

- Children are spending their school day at home and this could be a great opportunity for getting children involved in training, care and learning about dogs generally

- People routines have changed and as a result this may be highlighting both opportunities with their dogs but also may be highlighting difficulties

- Budgets may be tight so keeping everyone occupied needs to be thrifty

Just a few of my initial thoughts....

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