Puppy School Online Classes

Given the recent government guidelines on social distancing we are delighted to offer you Puppy School Online fully interactive classes. We are very aware that puppies still need to be trained and owners still need help, and so we are taking it upon ourselves to adapt and change to the current climate. 


Who for: Suitable for puppies up to 20 weeks old at the point of joining. 

How does it work: You can book in online, the programme runs for 6 weeks, each session lasts around 1 hour. All you will need to do is log onto your computer and follow the link supplied at a time and date of your class. Once you log in (you’ll need a computer / phone or ipad with a camera), you’ll be able to see me and the other attendees, and we can all see you.  I will play you a video of each exercise, whilst I give a running commentary of what is happening. I will then ask you all to practice the exercise with your puppy and I will coach you to give you individual hints and learning points. 

We will have around five exercises each week, each of which will also be written up in the free 28 page colour training manual that is supplied to accompany the course.

This is how class will look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSFeGXMprgY&t=2s


What are the benefits of our online training package:

  • Not limited by vaccination schedule – as soon as your puppy is home and ready to learn, you can sign up to the training course

  • Structured training times

  • No distractions of a training class – you get to practice in the comfort of your own home, where your puppy will inevitably be more settled

  • Small groups – we take no more than 5 puppies into each online course, allowing lots of time for individual coaching

  • No travelling to classes – it is literally on your doorstep!

  • Children are welcome to take part in the training with you

  • Lots of encouragement and support from one another as well as your Puppy School tutor

  • We are also available to carry out additional private sessions (for an additional fee) to assist with any topics not covered by the course

  • Invitation to join a closed Facebook group and join us on free puppy social walks. 

  • Additional useful resources provided 

When: Course starts Sunday 4th April 9.30 am

Where:  Your own home

How much: £65 (£2 booking fee) for set of 6, 1 hour classes

Why attend: Puppy School classes are a comprehensive programme that has been carefully designed to take you through socialisation and all the obedience basics giving you a good foundation for life with your new puppy or for any dog training sport you choose to do later.

The puppy training exercises gradually progress from easy to more complex, building on your puppy's understanding and reliability each week.

Reward based and fun training!

What will be covered:

  • Puppy mouthing/biting

  • Appropriate toys / chews and enrichment ideas

  • Dog body language 

  • Come when called

  • Sit, lie down, stand on cue

  • Walk on a loose lead without pulling

  • Accept handling (including for vets and groomers)

  • Wait/Stay

  • 'Settle'

  • 'Leave' when asked

  • Gentle

  • Be sociable with humans, children, and other puppies

  • Greet people without jumping up

FREE training manual and Natures Menu puppy starter pack when you sign up, rosette and certificate on completion!

How to sign up:

Please get in touch if you would like to book a 15 minute taster session before signing up

Click here to sign up: https://client.puppyschool.co.uk/booking/D724908F-0D0A-4C86-975F-F3AFAD9324F8





For more information about Puppy School, click here.

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