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Puppy School Training and Socialisation Classes Now Online

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Why attend: Puppy School classes are a comprehensive programme that has been carefully designed to take you through socialisation and all the obedience basics giving you a good foundation for life with your new puppy or for any dog training sport you choose to do later.

The puppy training exercises gradually progress from easy to more complex, building on your puppy's understanding and reliability each week.

Reward based and fun training!

Small class size of upto 4 puppies.

Children over 10 welcome.. 

What will be covered:

  • How to manage puppy mouthing/biting

  • Dog body language

  • Suitable toys, chews and enrichment ideas 

  • Come when called

  • Sit, lie down, stand on cue

  • Walk on a loose lead without pulling

  • Accept handling (including for vets and groomers)

  • Stay/Wait 

  • 'Settle'

  • 'Leave' when asked

  • Gentle

  • Be sociable with people

  • Greet people without jumping up

  • Socialisation exercises and activities including invitation to puppy social meet ups outside the class environment 

  • Invitation to follow on classes 

  • Plenty of individual advice along the way 

  • ***Please note, currently no puppy play able to run in class due to social distancing***

  • ***Face coverings required in community hall settlings ***

FREE training manual and Natures Menu puppy starter pack when you sign up, rosette and certificate on completion!

How to sign up:

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