Puppy One to One Support Package 

***Please note that all one to one training is now online***

Puppy 5 months and under 1:1 £26

All you need is a camera/laptop or smartphone/tablet

Fully interactive one to ones with demonstrations and guidance

Do you have a new puppy up to the age of 5 months? Would you like help settling your puppy in with you and your family? Are you unsure where to start with socialisation and training? Would you like help with toilet training, chewing/mouthing or helping your puppy be confident when left alone? Are your children and your puppy having difficulties getting along? Unable to attend a group training class or would prefer private classes in your home and local area instead? If so then the Puppy Support Package may be for you:

What is the puppy support package:

One visit a month for 3 months (or at intervals to suit you) to cover stages in your puppy's development. Working on anything you would like to cover, problem solving and introducing basic training in your home and local environment

After each session you will receive a summary of what was covered in the session and any 'home work' given.

Below is an example of what is covered in the sessions, this however can be very flexible and tailored to the needs of your puppy and your family as everyone has different priorities. It does however, help to give you a starting point for training your puppy. 


Session 1

  • Puppy chewing / mouthing guidance

  • Drop / how to swap items

  • Watch me

  • Puppy recall 

  • Handling

  • Introduction to the lead

  • How best to socialise your puppy and dog body language

  • Introducing your puppy to being left alone 

  • Toilet training

  • Anything else you would like help with


Session 2

  • Teaching down and stand

  • Leave it / drop 

  • Recall 

  • Handling

  • Stay / wait and introducing mat work

  • Introducing your puppy to being left alone 

  • Lead work

  • Anything else you would like help with

Session 3

  • Down and stand continued

  • Not jumping up for greetings

  • Settle on a mat

  • Lead work

  • Fun socialisation exercises

  • Anything else you would like help with


£95 for the 3 1/1.5 hour sessions with the summary of the training covered.

Pay as you go option £35 per one to one session. 

Please note that the 3 sessions can be booked closer together, for example every other week etc if this is more suited to you and your puppy.  

Puppies must be 5 months or under at the point of booking the first session.