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Succeeding Together

This is a fantastic resource, I am part of a collection of qualified professionals (including a nutritionist, holistic groomer, physio, myotherapist, vet nurse and behaviourists) that have set up a support village for owners called 'Succeeding Together'. There is a private FB group that we monitor and reply with advice on (everything is written from the dog's perspective) and we hold weekly Q and As (not via Facebook) so there is plenty of individual help and advice available.


It's very difficult to know where to go to get sound advice, especially on social media that is individual and tailored to you and your dog.  Here you can ask questions on all things grooming, behaviour, training, health and things like your dog's gait and other physio related questions. Safe, reliable, correct and trustworthy information is literally at your finger tips. 

If you attend classes or 1:1s with me, you'll get **10 weeks access** to try it out! (£60 a year thereafter, no purchase necessary). 

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